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The Hourglass Performance Institute (HPI)
is the authority in providing expertise, assessment, and training services for optimizing mental performance and stress management in sport and daily functioning.

About Hourglass Performance Institute

Associations with Distinguished Organizations

Clemson University women's team joined the group of HPI clients in December of 2019.

Since its inception, HPI has been providing services to the Florida State University men’s golf team, the #1 nationally ranked team in 2015.

In 2014 HPI joined the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), the largest global organization of tennis teachers, as a Corporate Member. PTR has over 15,000 tennis teachers in over 125 countries.

In January 2015, a partnership between HPI and John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) was announced. HPI provides educational and consulting services to JMTA’s staff, numerous young players, and their parents.

In the fall of the same year, Georgia Institute of Technology women’s tennis team joined the group of HPI’s clients.

New technologies, new philosophy, new possibilities

The Hourglass Performance Institute (HPI) provides mental performance services which teach athletes to master their thoughts and emotions such that they are able to execute their sport skills optimally under any circumstances.

In the pursuit of providing the highest standard of mental performance services, HPI utilizes the Hourglass Performance (HP) Model, a scientifically proven framework for mental assessment and training principles, which incorporates mental performance phases and physical skill executions in sport.

Besides Basic Mental Skill Training services, HPI also offers Trust Training® programs, which focus on developing the ideal HP Model profile for athletes during competition. The methodology of the Trust Training® programs has been designed to systematically assess and train athletes in their pursuit to become consistent in delivering their sport skills up to their full potential, at will, and in any situation.

HPI provides proprietary mental performance assessments via the Hourglass Performance Profiling® services. These services include the evaluation of mental and emotional components and their effects on the quality of skill execution and performance outcomes.

In addition to the general mental skill training techniques that would be expected from traditional sport psychology services, including goal setting, imagery, concentration, relaxation, positive self-talk, communication, emotion regulation, thought control, mental toughness, and stress management, HPI implements a unique proprietary philosophy and state of the art technology using reliable and objective measures to collect and provide quality information pertaining to mental skill assessment and training programs.

HPI delivers a proprietary One With Breathing® program, where breathing principles are taught to manage thoughts, emotions, and stress for optimizing performance, health, and well-being. This program can enhance activities in sport, at school, work, and home and in daily life.


Convinced that mental performance services should be measurable, reliable, linked to performance outcomes, and grounded in a well-proven applied-research model, Drs. Harry van der Lei and Domagoj Lausic co-founded HPI in 2011 to provide services to athletes, coaches, and parents not only in the Atlanta area, but nationally and internationally. Built on more than 40 years of evidence-based research in the fields of educational psychology and learning systems, neuro-physiology, and sport psychology as well as extensive applied work experience with Winter Olympic gold winning individuals and teams, world champions, and amateurs, HPI represents a unique collaboration of experts in mental assessment and training services.

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Board of expertise members

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Members of HPI are based in the USA and are associated with numerous professional and sport organizations: United States Tennis Association (USTA), Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), Florida State University (FSU Men’s and Women’s Golf program), and certified by Biofeedback Certification for International Alliance (BCIA), and major tennis teaching organizations (Professional Tennis Registry, United States Professional Tennis Association).