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Why should I be interested in HPI services?

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Does every athlete have the same Hourglass Performance Model?

No. The shape of the Hourglass Performance Model depends on many different performance-related variables including the athlete’s personality and behavioral tendencies, the type of sport, and the skill level of the athlete.

Is every athlete able to develop his or her own optimal Hourglass Performance Model?

Yes. No matter what age, skill level, or sport, every athlete is able to attain his or her optimal Hourglass Performance (HP) Model via the mental performance assessment and training services of HPI. The training leading to the development of the athlete’s optimal HP Model is highly individualized to the specific needs and strengths of the athlete. The optimal HP Model provides the athlete with the highest probability for consistent optimal skill execution in his or her sport.

Are the Hourglass Performance Model and HPI’s services based on scientific evidence?

Yes. The HP Model and HPI’s methodology for your mental performance assessment and training services are grounded in a scientifically proven applied mental performance framework that has been validated through extensive proprietary research and confirmed by various other studies in the field of sport performance.

What is Basic Mental Skill Training?

Basic Mental Skill Training is HPI’s entry level mental performance assessment and training service. This program provides an athlete with expert guidance in learning and mastering the technical fundamentals for optimal mental skill performance. These mastered mental skills are the athlete’s building blocks that can be implemented and trained in sport-specific situations as designed in HPI’s Trust Training® programs.

Can I start Basic Mental Skill Training without equipment?

No. The biofeedback equipment is a requirement in order for HPI to be able to provide the athlete with the highest standard of mental performance expertise via measurable results. However, athletes are not obligated to buy the equipment. All prices of HPI training programs (including the Basic Mental Skill Training) include equipment rental for the duration of the program.

How long do the Basic Mental Skill Training and Trust Training® programs last?

All programs provided by HPI are highly structured and organized around the athlete’s competition schedule. The duration of both the Basic Mental Skill Training and the Trust Training® BASIC program is a minimum of three months. This allows the athlete to achieve significant training results based on our proprietary research. The duration between the initial and the final assessment of the Trust Training® ADVANCED or the Trust Training® ELITE program may differ, but is typically one year. The athlete’s mental performance is assessed at the beginning and at the end of the year.

What is Trust Training®?

Trust Training® is HPI’s assessment and training philosophy which allows athletes to implement their mental skills into their sport-specific settings. The Trust Training® program is based on general principles of mental performance, but is also highly individualized towards the uniqueness of each athlete. As a well-structured hierarchical mental performance training framework, the complete Trust Training® program teaches the athletes how to implement their mental skills from tactical (Trust Training® BASIC), strategic (Trust Training® ADVANCED), and automated (Trust Training® ELITE) perspectives.

What is included in Trust Training® ELITE?

The Trust Training® ELITE service package is HPI’s premier mental performance assessment and training service which is comprised of the Basic Mental Skill Training, sport specific mental performance training protocols, two assessments of the athlete’s mental performance during a simulated competition, and two assessments of the athlete’s mental performance during real competition. HPI provides a well-structured and systematic mental performance assessment and training program where the technical, tactical, and strategic components of specific mental skills are taught to the athlete. Finally, the automated implementation of the athlete’s mental performance is assessed during actual competitions.

Can I start training with Trust Training® BASIC?

HPI requires clients to start with the Basic Mental Skill Training program as a prerequisite for the Trust Training® BASIC service. The Basic Mental Skill Training program teaches the athletes the fundamental psychological performance principles that can be implemented in the Trust Training® BASIC program. However, HPI is able to assess (via Exclusive Mental Training Assessment) the quality of an athlete’s mental skills to determine if the prerequisites for Trust Training® BASIC are met, so the athlete can profit the most from our services.

Besides Basic Mental Skill Training and Trust Training® (BASIC, ADVANCED, and ELITE), do you offer other services?

Yes. For a wide variety of sports (i.e., golf, tennis, shooting), HPI also offers specialized Routine Training protocols which are grounded in the principles of the HP Model, and supported by a systematic training methodology and measurable training results. HPI also delivers exclusive mental performance assessments for athletes, coaches, sport psychologists and organizations that may have their own mental performance expertise or philosophy, but would like to have confirmation of the athlete’s mental performance through reliable and measurable feedback. These mental performance assessment services are offered onsite or at distance, and they can be performed for one or more athletes at the same time. HPI is able to provide clinics, presentations, webinars, or on-site assessments and training for local clubs, academies, federations, and other sport organizations, school systems, and families.

What are the benefits of HPI training services?

HPI services are designed to enhance athletic performance. In the training process, our athletes also demonstrate an increase in overall stress resiliency and concentration skills. Therefore, our services promote greater health and better daily life functioning, both in school and at work. The cost per athlete can be reduced when services are shared between athletes within organizations (clubs, teams, academies, and/or federations) or among family members. Traveling costs can be significantly reduced as HPI conducts assessments and monitors training at a distance. No waiting on appointments: we provide immediate feedback on the training sessions and related training documents that clients can upload to our website. Our services include the provision of feedback based upon equipment-generated objective and reliable data regarding short and long-term progress in training.

What do I need to do to start HPI mental performance training services?

First, a specific HPI service has to be selected. Then, different options should be considered to determine how the service will be provided. For example, if travel arrangements have to be made, HPI needs to be contacted (via e-mail or phone) to confirm your request before you purchase the service. After the service is purchased, we will send the appropriate equipment and information and HPI training can start.

What are the requirements for distance training?

In order to be able to fully benefit from HPI’s mental performance training at distance, an athlete requires a computer with Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows Vista or a newer version of Windows), internet access, and online conferencing software (i.e., Skype). The biofeedback equipment, accessories and a manual are included as part of the HPI service package for the athlete. Online support staff will install the mental performance training software on the athlete’s computer system. Following the installation, HPI will introduce the athlete to the easy to use equipment (online or on-site) and demonstrate the procedures for the mental performance assessment and training sessions.

I am working with a sport psychologist. Can I use your services in addition to his/hers?

Sure! HPI assists athletes and their sport psychologists in providing assessment services including reliable and objective mental performance data related to their mental skill training programs and the implementation of the trained mental skills during the sport activities.

Is HPI staff available for travel to competitions?

Absolutely! HPI provides on-site assessment services during competitions. HPI will bring the required equipment to the competition and coordinate the travel requirements. Early scheduling is highly recommended for HPI services when traveling to competitions is requested.

How old do I have to be to engage in HPI services?

There are no age restrictions on HPI services. HPI customizes the assessment and training services for different age groups. For example, HPI tailors the training principles, the vocabulary, and the level of mental training difficulty to specific age categories.

What level of athlete does HPI work with?

HPI provides assessment and training services to any level athlete. The mental performance can be trained independent of the athlete’s skill level. An improved mental performance increases the probability for consistent skill execution and performance outcomes for athletes at any skill level.

Is HPI able to provide clinics, presentations, webinars, or on-site assessments and training for our organization?

Sure. HPI has the equipment and expertise to provide informational services for any size group, whether onsite or at distance via the internet. Please contact HPI by e-mail or phone for further information or to discuss details concerning your request for a group service.

I have my own biofeedback equipment. Do I need to rent additional equipment?

This depends on which type and brand of biofeedback equipment you possess. The assessment and training principles of HPI services are provided and monitored via a specific biofeedback hardware (NeXus-4 or NeXus-10) and software (BioTrace+) from biofeedback equipment manufacturer, Mind Media. Mind Media also provides the technical support to our clients. Thus, if you are the owner of a NeXus product you would not have to purchase or rent an additional biofeedback set.

What are the additional values and benefits of HPI services and using biofeedback equipment?

The biofeedback equipment is able to provide immediate and accurate information on the quality of your mental performance. The equipment is easy to use, small in size, portable, and can be shared with other users. Your mental performance training data can be simply transferred to HPI via internet, which enables HPI to analyze your data and provide expert feedback online via Skype, phone or on-site.

May I purchase the biofeedback equipment?

Yes. The equipment may be purchased directly from the biofeedback manufacturer, Mind Media. Mind Media provides the biofeedback hardware and software required for HPI’s mental performance assessment and training services. The equipment may be purchased either before the start of the HPI service (at the original purchase price) or upon completion of the HPI service during which the equipment was rented (rental credit included in the service price will be deducted from the original purchase price).

How is the group price determined?

To make our services more affordable, we offer group training to clubs, academies, federations, and families. The price is determined by the number of individuals in the group. For example, the Basic Mental Skill Training group discounts are 20%, 26% and 30% (of the regular price) for a group of two, three, and four individuals, respectively. For details on larger groups and training programs, contact HPI.

Why should I be interested in HPI services?

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