Backed by decades of proprietary research and training, Hourglass Performance Institute (HPI) believes that consistent optimal skill execution is only possible by developing an optimal Hourglass Performance (HP) Model that is tailored to the needs of the individual athlete.

The mental performance assessment and training services at HPI are designed to systematically guide the athlete towards achieving an optimal HP Model while providing continuous measurable results.

Mindful Measures Leading to Optimal Performance

Through utilization of cutting edge technology and the use of objective reliable measures for the assessment and training results, HPI is not only able to provide accurate information about the athlete’s progress during the mental skill training programs, but is also capable of teaching athletes how to implement these skills appropriately for the achievement of optimal performance in their sports.

The Hourglass Performance Institute (HPI) provides unique evidence-based mental performance services with the emphasis on reliable and measurable results that are important to the athlete’s performance outcomes. The measurable results of HPI’s mental performance training programs include information on:

  1. The athlete’s basic mental skills
  2. Real-time mental performance data during the athlete’s mental skill training sessions
  3. The athlete’s progress in mental performance during the mental skill training program
  4. The implementation of athlete’s mental skills in sport-specific training drills
  5. Real-time mental performance data during competition
  6. The relationship between the athlete’s mental performance during competition and:
    • The quality of skill executions in the athlete’s sport
    • The performance outcomes in the athlete’s sport