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The Hourglass Performance Institute (HPI) is a leading authority in delivering mental performance services to optimize your performance, health, and well-being in sport and daily life.

The success of HPI’s mental performance services has been proven by measurable results and is based on 30+ years of proprietary research and hands-on experience in peak performance and health.

The best mental performance services lead to proven measurable results!

HPI provides quality monitoring and feedback information during mental performance assessment and training programs. HPI has the expertise to guide you accurately throughout the personalized programs and to provide quality training results towards optimizing your performance, health or well-being.

Mental Performance Training

HPI delivers traditional mental skill training services, including goal setting, imagery, relaxation, self-talk, and mental toughness.

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In Person Consulting

HPI works with clients both onsite and offsite. HPI will travel to a client’s location, practice, or competition.

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Distance Consulting

HPI serves national and international clients. Quality communication, education, assessment, and monitoring at a distance is guaranteed!

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Groups Sessions

HPI has a long history of working with academies, collegiate teams, clubs, families, and work places, and has delivered over 200 group presentations.

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Hourglass Performance Profiling®

HPI provides mental performance assessments through reliable data which can be used by athletes, coaches, and organizations.

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Trust Training®

HPI systematically trains athletes to perform more consistently to their full potential, at will, and under any pressure situation.

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Routine Training

HPI designed a program for athletes to develop quality routines wherein they master thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

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One With Breathing® Stress Management

HPI designed an evidence-based breathing program to control the thoughts and emotions associated with stress.

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In life we continuously carry out and accomplish actions, tasks, or functions. The Hourglass Performance (HP) model is an evidence-based framework that describes 3 specific phases that are required if we would like to perform these activities optimally.

Hourglass Performance Model


The proven results of HPI mental performance expertise include reliable and measurable outcomes.

Improved Mental Performance Related Measures in Golf +67% Ability to create an optimal Trust phase just before initiation of the putting Putting stroke consistency Putting accuracy and distance control +60% +50% Source: HPI golf clients after a 3-month T rust- T raining® program. Before the T rust T raining® program After the T rust T raining® program
Improved Stress Management Skills +60% Anxiety control Ability to focus Stress management capacity +75% +42% Source: HPI clients after a 3-month One With Breathing® training program. Before One With Breathing® program After One With Breathing® program
Improved Stress Management Skills +52% 48 43 64 100 100 100 Children (5-12 yrs.) Source: HPI clients after a 3-month One With Breathing® training program. T eens (13-19 yrs.) Adults (20-59 yrs.) Senior Adults (60+ yrs.) +57% +36% +44% 56 100 Before One With Breathing® program After One With Breathing® program
Improved Health & Performance Source: DI NCAA Tennis Student-Athletes *Serve testing was not carried out at the end of the season Pre-intervention Post-interv. 1 Post-interv. 2 83% 86% 93% 67% 38% 50% 68% 79% Sleep Efficiency First Serve P ercentage* Conversion of Deuce Pts

Stress Management


Optimizing your performance, health, and well-being from within. Breathing is the most powerful tool that is in our immediate control to improve performance, health, and well-being in life!

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Our work experiences with past and current clients are associated with numerous distinguished organizations including:

Professional Tennis Registry
John Mcenroe Tennis Academy
Clemson universitiy

HPI has worked with participating athletes before and during these events:

Professional Tennis Registry
Professional Tennis Registry
Professional Tennis Registry
Professional Tennis Registry
Professional Tennis Registry
Professional Tennis Registry
Professional Tennis Registry
Professional Tennis Registry


“Dr. van der Lei’s dedication to providing the best applied research based mental performance assessment and training services for golfers built upon objective and reliable measures, his utilization of the latest technology available, and his contribution as a team player within our men’s and women’s golf programs in supporting our golfers in their sport and daily life, are highly appreciated and we are looking forward to collaborating with Harry for many years to come!”

Trey Jones - Head men’s coach and Director of Golf for the men’s and women’s golf programs at Florida State University

“Dr. Lausic has a unique approach which is head and shoulders above the countless other sports psychologists I have worked with in my forty-year career as a player, coach, manager and mentor.”

Rodney Harmon - Head Coach Women's Tennis, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Dr. Lausic worked extensively with my women's tennis program at Clemson University where I saw his work increase the performance level of our student athletes over a period of just a few months...I saw an amazing sense of resiliency begin to take place in each athlete coinciding with increased confidence and trust in one's own ability.”

Nancy Harris - Head Coach Women's Tennis, ret., Clemson University

“After only a few routine training sessions, I achieved my best results for the year of 2012. The positive changes in my golf game were unreal. Since then, I have started to understand the importance of the Hourglass Performance Model and of specific breathing techniques for better results on and off the course.”

Macarena Silva - Professional golfer, winner of the 2006 Matchplay de Chile and the 2010 Copa de los Andes as an amateur. Macarena turned professional in June 2011 and currently resides in her hometown Santiago, Chile.

Harry’s expertise in mental performance has helped me greatly in controlling my emotions and being able to relax and focus before and during my competitive races.

Chad Hedrick - Long Track Speedskating, 2006 Olympic Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist.